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Elodie Frege vs Laura Pausini , MMA cagefight in Rome

The fight takes place at the Colosseum in Rome. Laura Pausini, the home star singer, is going to fight against french singer Elodie Frege .
All is ready for the fight, the ladies are waiting the big moment.
Laura Pausini arrives the first and enters the cage. She is wearing a blue bikini. The long brown hair falls freely on his back and shoulders. Elodie Frege is presented . She wears a red bikini. The french redhead is of an amazing elegance. Her face is indeed marvelous. The official one, the microphone in the hand, makes the introduction’s speech …

"The tonight’s fight opposes, in a  blue bikini  the Italian star - LAURA PAUSINI....she is 169 cm tall and weighs 59 kg……In a red bikini, her opponent…the Frenchwoman: ELODIE FREGE...  She is  169 cm tall and weighs 55 kg. »

The gong sounds at the time when it closes the cage door. Without precipitation the two women come in the center from the cage. Then the two women engage in an attack of boxing with low kicks in the thighs. It is Elodie which is most virulent and fastest with kicks and  fists. Laura works more on defense trying to counter.

Making more pressure, Frege lands  a series of uppercuts at short distance, Pausini starts to move back protecting her face. Elodie lets Laura move away a little then surprising Pausini she hits her with a right hook to the chin. Laura oscillates under the shock, Elodie sees her opponent in trouble and tries a combo left right ,then a brutal knee to Pausini’s nose ……cccrackkkk !!!!!!!!!!….the terrible impact breaks Laura’s nose...... Pausini is in pain ... her lips burst under the first blow and her nose is broken which starts to bleed abundantly!

 Elodie Frege takes a good option on the events. But Laura in despite of a broken nose, tries to react and defend herself better, she succeeds, she begins to protect more  effectively from Frege blows and then she manages to land  also some punches ,  Elodie takes a big right in her left eye. but she reacts quickly and tries to attack Laura with kicks. Pausini tries to reduce the distance,both girls are clinching . Quickly Elodie applies a  judo move to Laura. Both girls are down, fighting  to take the top. Laura, in spite of the blows received previously is still alert and  she manages to demolish  Elodie ’s catch and then both girls stand up.

 Laura attacks her opponent with an uppercut to Frege’s midsection then a right kick to the ribs. The combat is intense, Pausini has pride ,fighting like that with a bloodied face is very difficult. Frege tries to react, but she receives a second and violent high kick in the face but she manages to avoid the blow and to catch Laura’s foot. With a bestial force Elodie kicks Laura’s second leg , the italian girl goes down.
  Without losing time, Frege lands a formidable kick to Pausini’s face. This blow is terrible almost lethal. The nose and the lips of the italian woman already burst, continue to bleed in abundance.  Frege precipitates on Pausini’s top and pulverizes  her with punches in the face .

Laura Pausini can’t do anything, that is too much for her in spite of a big pride , the bestiality of her opponent  not leaves her any chance. She’s KO completely destroyed, unconscious.Elodie looks at the crowd and fans with satisfaction. Frege tries to humiliate her opponent by posing her right barefoot on Pausini’s  stomach  but it is useless, Laura does not move any more she is KO after a violent and bestial combat.

 Medicals men entered the cage to the first blow of gong and they. deal with Laura which lost consciousness under the effect of the rain of received blows. The spectators in their large majority are shocked by the violence and the outcome of the combat. Someone think that the combat would have been stopped; others think that Pausini was able to fight on.

The official one declares Elodie Frege the winner by KO. Laura Pausini is evacuated on a stretcher, then carried in an ambulance to the hospital where she regains consciousness shortly.