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Laura Pausini was looking for redemption her last fight had been disastrous, she lost to Emma Marrone in a kickboxing that’s why she wanted to return into the ring as far as possible . Laura challenged in a kickboxing match the american star Britney Spears, the match will take place in Milan in front of 50,000 spectators.
The day of the match finally came, Laura was very excited and confident that she can beat Spears, as the american girl had never fought in kickboxing yet, Laura had a lot of experience and had fought with all the most famous star.
The first to enter the ring was Britney Spears, she was greeted by deafening boos, she is 3! years old , 164 cm tall and 57 kg and she was wearing a beautiful pink bikini that showed off her toned and strong body .
Then it was the turn of the home star girl, Laura Pausini was greeted by a roar and thunderous applause she is 45 years old 169 cm tall and 60 kg she wore a beautiful black bikini that emphasized her legs muscles and her midsection. The match was scheduled on 8 rounds of two minutes each, the referee called the two rivals in the ring explaining the rules and recommending to fight cleanly, and sent back to their corners it was all ready, and finally rang the gong
Round 1
the match started and immediately Britney was invested by a series of high kicks, however, that all gone empty, then Laura tried to attack with a series of jab which however were easily blocked by Spears, which shorted the distance and violently hited Laura’s midsection with hard uppercuts, Laura clinched immediately, the referee separated the two rivals, and Laura tried again to hit Britney with a middle kick, but the american blocked it easily then countered Laura with a brutal uppercut to the chin that sended Laura to the mat. The silence of the crowd was impressive, the home star was groggy at Spears’s feet , the referee started the count and Laura got up at 8, right with the gong indicating the end of the round, Laura’s coach tried in every way to recover energy to her fighter, while in the other corner Spears was joking and laughing with her entourage. the gong sounded and began the
Round 2
Britney immediately threw a low kick that surprised Laura, Laura was suffering and Spears as a shark launched a series of hooks to the jaw slamming the face of opposing left and right, Laura was closed near her corner, completely in trouble but Britney kept her left arm and she continued to hit Laura’s chin with a right uppercut , then a serie of hard blows annihilated poor Laura, but Britney was not yet satisfied, and decided to continue the beating during an another round, stopping raging in this round, in fact from them recently sounded the gong. Laura was now powerless, her body and legs were ravaged and her face was bloodied, then the gong sounded and began the
Round 3
Laura only had time to get up before being hited by a storm of hooks with both hands that opened profonds wounds on her face, Spears then landed an extraordinary high kick to Laura's nose ,then some jabs, Pausini was a punching bag,the last blow broke Laura’s nose , the italian girl totally destroyed was trying to escape but no way for her, Spears landed the final blow to Laura: a violent high kick to Laura’s jaw breaking it instantly and sending her flying to the mat ,Pausini didn’t move anymore, she was KO ,unconscious.
Laura was immediately medicated and taken immediately to the hospital in an ambulance.This fight was a massacre and Britney Spears returned to the USA waiting for others exciting challenges.